The Strippers play an ice breaker called “Fax Machine.”  It’s actually the perfect way to get a whole bunch of cartoonists to relax.  The unofficial winner of this mini challenge gets something called a “Redraw Ticket.”  Of course, they’re not told this so everyone just does what they’d naturally do.  We get to see a little bit of their personalities without the pressure of competition.

In the preview for the next episode, we see that their first elimination challenge will be to design a t-shirt in one hour.

Ouch.  T-shirt design is a tough beast to tackle so early in the competition.  Fuck, I’ve been doing this shit for thirteen years and I haven’t figure out how to design a shirt.  That’s not entire true.  I can design shirts.  I just don’t know that I can design something that will sell.  The biggest question is audience.  Who will they be designing for?  Are they aiming for an artsy typ audience?  Are they shooting for the ironic hipster audience?  Are they making gamer shirts?  Ugh.  So many painful variables to work out and that’s not even getting to the stupid design.

I like to think about how I’d do as these challenges come up.  And though I think I’d do really well in Fax Machine with my art fighting background, I fear I’d be the first to be sent home for my t-shirt design.  Cause it would probably be Kamen Rider.  And awesome.  And I’d be the only one in the room who’d wear it.

  • Chibby

    I’m just gonna go ahead ans ask you: Will you blog about every ep of Strip Search? Because if you do I would be grateful. The PA youtube channel is full of stuff I don’t care about, but this series is entertaining me greatly. So if you do end up posting every ep that would be great.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    I’m gonna try. I’ll try to keep the spoilers in terms of who wins challenges and who loses out of it, but I’ll probably give my thoughts about the challenges.

  • Chibby

    In the format you’re currently posting (title, video, blogpost) that is completely fine :D