Amanda Palmer’s TED talk on “The Art of Asking” struck a chord with me.  I think a lot of webcartoonists should take her message to heart.

I’ve never put a tip jar out for ¥P because though I would love to make this my living, I have a day job that pays my bills.  Tips are also a fairly unpredictable income stream.  I always felt that if you give me money, you should get a thing in return.  A book, a print, a shirt, a sketch, a plush, a tangible thing.  But maybe I should expand my thinking.  After all, a song isn’t something you can hold in your hand yet people are still happy to pay for music.  Maybe reading a webcomic is something people would be willing to pay for.

As you can see, I still have not put up a tip jar.  I’m still wrestling with the idea.  But really, there are other ways to support my work that aren’t financial.  And in this, I have utterly failed in terms of asking.  I’d love to spread my mad ramblings and wild ideas to a wider audience and the absolute best way to expand my readership is for you to expose your friends to ¥P.  I’ve never read a webcomic that I saw advertised anywhere, but I’ve damn sure read comics that my friends have recommend.  I do a terrible job of asking you, my amazing readers, to spread the word.  I need to change that.  I’ve got some ideas for spreading the word, but honestly, just telling your friends to read my comic is the absolute best way to support me.

Anyway, please take the time to check out Amanda’s TED talk.  Even if you’re not a fan of her music, I think it’s worth a listen.

  • benajamin

    I suggest you check out the model used at

  • Jamie Noguchi


    I don’t think this will work for me. The way the Tool program was set up was that for your subscription fee, not only do you get to use your points towards purchases in the store, but you also get access to additional content like high res versions of strips, podcasts, wallpapers, and other bonus material. I don’t think I could manage producing extra content that would justify a system like that.

  • David Crampton

    You still haven’t asked for anything, even for us to do the word-of-mouth thing. ;)

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Shit, see! I do this all wrong. Please, would you tell your friends about my comic?

  • MSN

    Umm… also, I’d suggest looking at book 1. Because that was awesome.

  • fluffy
  • John Nebauer

    But we have already received your excellent comic. So it’s fair of you to ask. And some of us would be happy to give, even if it’s not lots.

  • erdbeere

    I’ve read many webcomics advertised by webcomic artists; and some through voting contests like the Mix March Madness of ComicMix which is now open for votes