Book 2 is entitled The Client is Always.  The obvious way to finish that sentence is the old adage, “The client is always right.”  So I’m interested in hearing how you’d finish that sentence.  I’ll use some of your answers in a double page spread at the beginning of the book as sort of a wallpaper text graphic.

Oh, please keep your answers to one or two words.

  • Marty Day

    an asshole.

  • Craig Trader

    - Righteous.
    - Ridiculous.

  • Chuck Hoover

    The client is always complaining.

  • Christopher Kennedy

    … entitled to their opinions, no matter how horribly wrong they are.

  • aldeka

    - Wrong
    - Impatient
    - Satisfied
    - Billed in Full
    - Inside the House

  • DarkAesthir

    a PITA.

  • Kyle Wright

    Defying rejection

  • Not Steve


  • Nik

    Watching. Judging.

  • toag

    the one with the cash!

  • Carl Johnson

    nominally human

  • Tim Noyce

    ..almost as uncertain as you are

  • Tim Noyce

    looking for a solution to the problem they created that do not involve their own efforts

  • Tim Noyce

    paying your salary

  • Kris

    - An opportunity
    - blissfully ignorant

  • Mouse-Bear


  • Will Baker

    … clueless.

  • Vincent V.

    … cheap
    … undecided
    … King/Queen
    … unfaithful

  • Cassie S.


  • Jimmy C


  • tom

    twee delusional

  • albino

    not true