The XV2 Solution [Comic]

This arc is really just me designing a thing that I want to happen.


Our Black Cat show is selling out more quickly than anticipated.  If you’re interested, you should totally book your tickets now.  This is pretty awesome since it’s our first time at this legendary venue!  I can’t wait.

↓ Transcript


Go go potty finder!


Sally, Mary, and Steve sit at one side of the table.


There are no real safe public places to do your business late at night.


An attendant gestures towards an empty stall as a man steps in.

MARY (Caption)

The XV2 is our solution. We'd park them at high traffic areas for the night crowd. Our trained attendants would ensure user safety.


Closeup of a map on a phone with a location marked with a toilet icon.

MARY (Caption)

Our app highlights the nearest station.


Bodie and Kane exchange looks.

MARY (Caption)

We're looking to you to brand our new system and come up with methods to monetize.

  • punman

    You know, this is actually a pretty good idea.

    I live in a city with a strong drinking culture (Milwaukee.) There’s also a river. Bars are near the river. Drunk people end up in the river, and drown, possibly when trying to “do their business” after leaving the bars.

    I think you’re onto something.

  • Cody Swatek

    …is that Steve in the first pannel?

  • Mauricio Franco

    yeah! that’s how they got the gig

  • JordanDevereaux

    Sounds better than the app someone came up with years ago that would let people use the bathroom in your house/apartment for a fee.

  • purplelibraryguy

    They have stuff kind of like this in parts of Europe. I found ‘em big time useful in a couple cities in Spain. I dunno about the app, and there weren’t any attendants. I think they cost like a euro.

  • Frank Bromley

    all joking aside i really have heard of stupider ideas that have made tones of money

  • Frank Bromley

    i grew up just 0outside philly near one of the hotter clubs and there were NO public restrooms open nearby when the club let out

  • Farren

    I find it amusing that the marker on the app looks like a fox. But that aside, it’s a really good idea.

  • Mr. Average

    None more black? As in, you ask how much more black it could be, and the answer is none? None… more black?

  • Jamie Noguchi

    LOL! Yes!

  • Mr. Average

    You can see yourself in… BOTH… sides…

  • reynard61

    *insert obligatory “shit-load of money” joke here*

  • War Apocalypsewriters

    It seems Steve’s reaction to being outed as a racist is to take a shitty job with a non-white boss and reach out to a just starting rebranding company that is made of minorities. Yay him?

  • War Apocalypsewriters

    Of course- these might be the only people willing to hirer him/work for him.

  • Zike

    Is the time on the phone a typo or did they really have a big meeting 50 minutes after midnight?

  • Jamie Noguchi

    It’s a “what-if” kind of scene to show the potential use of the app.