The XV2 [Comic]

I don’t know if such things exist, but if they do, I want one to follow me around always! Never know when you reeeeeeeeaaaaaaally need to go to the bathroom.


Katsucon has come and gone and we had a fucking blast.  I’ll do a con recap at some point.  But for now, we look forward to this Friday when Super Art Fight invades a legendary D.C. venue, THE BLACK CAT!  I’m so fucking excited!  Tickets are up for per-order now.  No idea if this show will sell out as we get closer to Friday, but if our performances at the Red Palace are any indication of our DC audience, you might want get your tickets early.

Alright, I’m gonna go crash.  See you in DC this Friday!

↓ Transcript


The new sensation coming to a city near you, porta porta potties!


Sally stands by the vehicle and gestures.


This is our latest, the XV2 mobile relief platform.


Close up on Sally as she stands by the stalls.


It's outfitted with two self-contained, climate controlled, solar powered stalls.


Interior of one of the stalls.

SALLY (Caption)

The toilets have a foot operated flusher and a second foot switch to flip the lid. Foam hand sanitizer. Recycled toilet paper.


Kane whispers under his breath.  Ally elbows him.  Bodie gives Kane a stern look.

KANE (Whispers)

Where's the button to shovel shit into your ex-boss's mouth?

  • Undrave

    Maybe it’s just because I’ve watched the Fourze movie recently but… XV2? Is that a Kyodain reference??

  • Kyle Wright

    I love the design of the truck. It looks like a halfway between a kei truck and the newer city bus designs that have become more popular in recent years.

  • Jasmine P.

    If porta-potties were anything like this, I wouldn’t hate using them as much as I do.

    I’m excited about the Black Cat show, I picked up my ticket on Friday. I’m planning on spending the day in DC (unless it’s freezing) then heading to the venue. It’ll be great to see SAF again :D

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Yes indeed!!!