Shaken And Stirred [Comic]

If you’re gonna kiss, kiss hard.  Or something.

And of course, if you listen to music while you read your webcomics, I think this little Michael Jackson ditty seems appropriate.

↓ Transcript


According to tumblr, February is Femslash month.  I guess this is my contribution.


Ally rushes in and chops the drunk man's hand off of Annie.


Ally elbow strikes the back of the head of the drunk man.


Ally tries to comfort Annie.


Annie, you okay?


Annie is still stunned.


Annie throws her arms around Ally and kisses hard.

  • Dragonsword

    “i’m sorry, that was my drunk rapists routine. i meant to say you left your cellphone back in barAHMyGODaAGH!” No, drunk assaulters ARE NOT Funny. That kiss was rather a nice surprise!

  • JackTheObserverDee

    Yeah, raise your hand if you didn’t see this coming…[/sarcasm]

    I guess if you’re gonna cheat, you might as well go all out with the whole rescue romance thing. Well, that’s romance for you. Someone’s gonna go and fuck it all up.

    Still, at least the creepy dude got beat to hell. That works for me.

  • maarvarq

    I’m a little disturbed by the “nom” sound effect given the recent topic of dessert? Is Annie kissing her or eating her? ;-)

  • m

    Is there a difference?

  • Songwind

    The night is young, wait and see. ;)

  • Songwind

    So far, Ally hasn’t done anything wrong. Annie did the smooching, and Ally clearly has her “WTF!” face on in the last panel. So it’s not fair (yet) to call it cheating.

    OTOH, the discontent has been obvious for a while now, so either Ally and her beau have to fix something or break up, or Ally’s going to cheat and/or be miserable.

  • Doc

    I cheered hard for Ally. Then, in panel 4, I cheered hard for the comic while laughing out loud. Those first two are gold, though. Well-played.

  • Kyle Wright

    Okay…so the awesome ass-kicking I support. The kissing…well…I don’t want Ally to be a cheetah. Right now it’s still in the non-consent territory, which gets a pass. Your move Jamie. Your move.

    Also, I love the “Nom” sound effect. ;)

  • Creamette

    Anyone else have Smooth Criminal going through their head after the 3rd panel or is it just me?

  • Yazan Gable

    I’ll be annoyed if she cheats + becomes bisexual because of this incident. If she’s not happy she should break up and I’ve already been through a few webcomics where a character becomes gay/bisexual almost out of nowhere enough times to be nervous about how this will play out. Hoping the next comic is a rebuff.

  • Penny

    “Becomes” bisexual??

    How does one “become gay/bisexual out of nowhere,” pray tell?

    Unless… ohhhh. You were assuming all these characters were straight this whole time, weren’t you? Boy, that’s gotta be embarrassing. Also, sorry the whole “OMG that character is gay?” thing is so traumatizing for you.

    Personally, I’ll be annoyed if Jamie starts to feel like he has to compromise his vision for this strip because the peanut gallery thinks they’re entitled to have a say.

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