Toasted Almond [Comic]

Apologies to all desert fans, but I had this bit plotted out ahead of time.  Although, the desert question is kinda fun.  So I turn the question to you readers.  Where is your favorite desert? Why? And what three things would you want with you if you were stranded there (water and food don’t count because we’ll assume you magically get those).

I’m mostly recovered from Macworld.  I had a freaking blast.  If you missed our show, I’ll hunt around their website to see if they recorded our Art Fight.  I think the second round was much better because Jamie and Dann did this whole connecting canvas thing which was really clever.

I also met Larry Fishman who is totally awesome and personable and willing to take an idiot wearing a monster hat seriously.  I could go on and on and on about him and if you ever ask me in person I probably will, but to make a long history short, he’s kind of a big deal when it comes to MIDI guitar pickups.  He invented the divided pickup system that revolutionized MIDI guitar and has developed a new wireless system called the Tripleplay.  Fishman is also the top name in acoustic pickups for guitars and violins.  I was completely star struck.


Next weekend is Katsucon 19.  I’ll be there with Super Art Fight for some good times.  We’ll be doing two shows, our regular art rumble and an Unleashed.  Unleashed is where we go crazy and draw all sorts of fucked up things.  Think of it as a visual version of The Aristocrats.

Um… that’s it for now.  I kind of lied, I’m not really recovered from San Francisco.  Though I’ve been going to San Francisco at least once a year for most of my life, there’s so much of the city that I haven’t seen.  I know Russian Hill, China Town, and Japan Town like the back of my hand.  And everyone knows Pier 39.  There’s a whole hell of a lot more to the city than that.  This year and last year, I got a little taste.  Someday, I’ve got to take a non-family vacation out there and just spend time exploring all the places that I have yet to see.  I’d live there if I could, so a good long visit is the next best thing.

↓ Transcript


Special No-Prize if you can figure out the anime!


Ally and Annie walk out of a convenient store with toasted almond ice cream bars.


Toasted almond! I love these!  When we were kids, me and Bonehead would save up our allowances to get them from the good humor man every thursday.




Annie takes a bite as Ally continues. They don't notice a drunk business man approaching.


Hah. My brother, Teddy.  He'd quote this weird unicorn anime all the time.  It was something a kid demon would say and I guess it just stuck.


Hey babe.


The drunk business man catches up to Annie.


Whut you hidin' under there?




The Business man grabs Annie's arm.



  • Chris


  • War Apocalypsewriters

    Unico? Unless…there’s more than one unicorn anime in the world?

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Yes! It’s Unico!!!

  • Jamie Noguchi

    I’m Unico, that’s all I know!!!

  • EB

    My favorite desert is the Gobi, followed closely by the Sahara. =P

  • punman

    I sense an imminent ass-beating

  • Dragonsword

    [ala sherlock holmes narrate] “First twist by the hip to torque my dessert arm with force into his face, he will stumble a moment, allowing a second strike with my other recently freed arm lashing with an uppercut palm under his jaw forcing him to the ground. In conlcusion, bruised, hung-over, and possibly a bitten tongue and 4 misplaced teeth. Allow three weeks to recover. May never drink again.” Twist. Splat. Stumble CRUNCH. Fall.

  • Imemyne

    People people people. Dessert.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    I approve!!!

  • Thor

    My favorite desert was the one I went through with that nameless horse. At the time, it felt good to get out of the rain.

  • Chuck Hoover

    My favorite dessert is Tiramisu, followed by cheesecake (just about any flavor/type will do).

  • Matthew To

    Does the Desert Planet of Tatooine count?

  • kelsey

    Toasted Almonds are one of the best things on earth.