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By its nature, design is a collaborative field. It’s always good to get a fresh pair of eyes on a project.

Melting Nerds

With MAGFest behind us, the Super Art Fight crew turns its gaze upon the West Coast.  January 19 at 8pm, we invade Nerdmelt Theater in Los Angeles, CA.  And it is now that I must confess a hole in my geekdom.  This is apparently a HUGE deal in nerd circles, but I’ve never listened to the Nerdist podcast so I’m fucking clueless.  Alls I knows is, we are going to melt some damn faces!  Earlier that day from 5-7, we’ll be signing some of our comics for folks.  Tickets are available in advance for $8, $10 at the door.

Looking forward to meeting all you West coasters!

↓ Transcript


Cue montage!


Lance leads Ally out of the room.


C'mon, I'll protect you from bone head, here.


It was totally my bad.

KANE (to Ally)



Is that it?


Kane raises an eyebrow.


Yeah. Not so sure about the colors.


No, I like them. The text needs some work.


Kane steps up, giving Bodie his seat.  They tag.


Here, tag in.


Bodie concentrates on the computer.  Kane looks on, smiling.

Discussion (8)

  1. Ned Keitt-Pride

    Serious question – what would it take to get Super Art Fight up to Madison, WI?

  2. Firework the Comic

    I want your store to be back up to be honest. Now that paypal is finally working for me i can’t buy puppycow or Back To The Grind. I would buy 2 puppycows, one for my friend who i owe public transit money from a visit to her city.

  3. Jasmine P.

    I want to be there so hard, at the Nerdmelt theater. I mean, if people know a comic shop across the country they have to be doing something right. i can buy comics perfectly fine right here but if I were ever in LA i’d buy books from Meltdown immediately. And I’d go to their shows, check out their instagram and the stars they’ve had at their stand up http://instagram.com/nerdmelt they have had some crazy drop ins when people weren’t signed up for a show. Give Nerdist a listen, or one of their other hosted podcasts, i enjoy what they produce.

    Safe travels for all of to SAFers going. I will be there in spirit (I’m a lot of places in spirit)

  4. Jamie Noguchi

    gah! Still working on it. You can send me an email and I can send you my paypal and all that if you like and I can send you things! azmnews@gmail.com

  5. Jamie Noguchi

    We’d need a venue that’s willing to work with us or a convention willing to pay us.

  6. AmeerH

    Hi Jamie,

    Could you possibly tag your comic posts? I’ve subscribed to YP on my rss feed and previously whenever you posted a comic I would see a small version of the comic in my rss feed, which i would click to get to the main site. Now that preview is gone so its hard to differentiate between yours posts and comic posts. I know its a stupid request but it would help me alot (I subscribe to around 60 comic feeds + 10-15 tech,gaming,photo sites) :P



  7. Jamie Noguchi

    AH! I’ll try to remember. I’m working on a new site design with a backend that fixes the whole rss thumbnails thing. But in the meantime, I will try to remember to tag the comics.

  8. AmeerH

    Thanks! YPcomics rock! :D

    Also… i just noticed.. I asked for tags on a comic titled tagging in… :D


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