Combat Kitchenwares

As you can see, I got comics done in time while my power was still on. As I type this, Sandy is just starting to make her presence known. Please be safe.

As far as I know, our Wildpig signing is still on for this Saturday. I’ll keep everyone posted if I hear different. If Danielle and I have to use paddles to see Bill and Dani, we’ll totally do it!

  • Twilights_Bard

    I’m so not going to lie. I want, badly, lol. Seriously those look so damn awesome, I’d love to have something like those in my kitchen (Just need to find a good place to store them, as space is kinda limited)

  • Katie B

    There are so many Christmas gifts I could knock out with those themed frying pan handles…

  • Aenya Hiri Silverleaf

    Holy mother of design, these look brilliant. Why isn’t this a thing? Is this a thing?! I want! Rawr!

  • Fnors

    I just finished going through the whole comic and I have to say, it is awesome! I’m glad I found out about you (I did xkcd->qc->gws->here). :)
    Be safe from Sandy!

  • Wallfairy

    Lo and behold, those are the four webcomics I frequent.

  • Flakes

    omg whisk-chucks :D

    Or is the other end a rubber spatula for the C-C-C-C-COMBO BAKER

  • reynard61

    Same here! Great minds read alike, it seems…

  • Firework the Comic

    C-C-C-C-Combo baker is brilliant.

  • Taylor Smith

    Ask…and ye shall receive.
    some genius actually made it happen!

  • Fnors

    Indeed, these 4 comics are all full of win.

  • Frank Bromley

    i love the bans with sword handles

  • Scott Krell

    If you want to own one… there’s a kickstarter for that…