To Do Or Didn’t Do


So if you come to the site Monday morning and there’s no comic, it’s because a GIANT STORM has knocked out all the power. I will try my best to get ahead this weekend and upload as many comics ahead of time as I can, but the storm may have other plans. We’re supposed to be getting some rain tomorrow so here’s hoping the power holds out throughout the weekend. Stay safe, everyone!

He done did do don’t he do. DAH!!!! So I think we’ll end this storyline here and pick up with some brand new stuff on Monday! Kind of a cliff hanger, but not really. At least, not as bad as last week’s.

If any of your are in the New Jersey area, Danielle Corsetto, Bill Ellis and Dani O’Brian, and I will be appearing at Wild Pig Comics on Saturday, November 3. It’s my first ever in-store appearance so I’m stupid excited! I’ll be bringing books, Puppy Cows, maybe some sketches, and maybe a handful of some other things I’ve been working on. We’ll see how the week shapes up.

So, Jersey readers, I’ll see you next Saturday!

  • Aenya Hiri Silverleaf

    Well, fuck. Giving a shit about Steve isn’t something I’d expect from myself. -_- I hate you. Not really, but I do. Grr.

  • Lee Chua

    Hey, hope you and your family are safe even with the storm, alright. Don’t worry, the wait is fine since when it comes out, it will come out EPIC! :D

  • Israel Harris

    Well you give a shit about Steve for a few reasons.. First off, Steve is still a innocent man. It’s is not good to wish bad things for the innocent.

    And secound off, Steve is still Shit.. so as you don’t want to step too close to him (least you want shit on you.. watch out for him..)

  • wyrd_lyte

    Wait, so why did Steve quit again? They were working on it, and had literally just uploaded their fix to the situation, and he goes and jumps ship anyways? I r confus.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    I think you have to go back to this one, Steve had joined the White Power movement in college as a freshman and word got out.

  • wyrd_lyte

    Well yeah, but that’s why he asked for help, isn’t it? To help rebrand him and stuff? But then he bails anyway, right as they’re uploading the case study. I guess I’ll just chalk it up to him changing his mind and giving up at the last minute.

    I was just confused because his motivation for quitting was never explicitly made known in any strip, aside from the original problem of the mistake he made in college. It didn’t occur to me that his motivation at that point was actually pretty obvious, and a lot simpler than I was thinking it needed to be. My bad.