Monster Roll from Dan Blank on Vimeo.

Sushi chefs versus giant monsters!

That’s the premise behind Monster Roll. The team put together this short as a sort of proof of concept of the kind of film they’d like to see on the big screen, which just so happens to be the kind of film I’d like to see on the big screen. I love that there’s an underlying social message just like the old Godzilla flicks. At some level, Godzilla was a warning about the dangers of nuclear war. Monster Roll warns against the unbalance between what we kill and what we eat. Classic!

Although it doesn’t seem like there are solid plans to make this into an actual feature film, the more people see it and support, the more likely the team will be able to find a studio willing to fund it. I say let’s make this happen. We need more giant monster flick and this would make an excellent entry into the genre!

From: Monster Roll

  • halston m

    I would so love to see this as a movie. Please keep us updated on this if you hear anymore about it.

  • Israel Harris

    OK.. that is awesome…and I don’t think I could stomach most kinds of Sushi because of my kosher diet.. But I watch the fuck out of that!