Sincere Surprise

Once upon a time, before Alias|Wavefront Maya was bought up by Autodesk, they used to post these really great case study videos on their site. There were some pretty in-depth project interviews and demonstrations by studios using Maya and it really convinced me to pick up a copy. Clearly, I don’t do a lot of 3D modeling or animation these days. But those case study vids made at least one sale.


I want to take some time to thank everyone who came out Saturday night to see our show, especially Mage Kelly who drove all the way out from fucking Dallas motherfucking TEXAS to see us! I think it was the best DC performance we’ve had to date. And we sold out the venue which doesn’t happen all that often for us.

A little anecdote to demonstrate how fucking old we are. So Audrey, Jamie B, and I are walking to our cars when this lady standing with a group of her friends calls out, “Hey, you’re the art fight guys! Where you going?”

Like an old man, I replied, “Home.” Because I’m old. And it was 1:30 in the morning. The girl turned away with sad little “aww” to figure out with her friends where the next party was. It kind of amazed me that there were people who wanted to hang out with us and follow us to whatever after party we were supposedly heading to. Thing is, if this was at a con, we’d totally be heading to some kind of after party which usually consists of a bunch of us eating tacos and talking about comics. Because we’re old. And that’s our idea of a party.

  • wilder125

    Ah sincerity. The very sight of it causes CNN, Fox, and everyone else to immediately dig around to find something that makes more sense.

  • Jared Ferenczy

    Wait. I missed taco after parties when I saw you at conventions? CURSES!

  • Jasmine P.

    Tacos and comics sounds awesome! I love both of those things!

    I would have been there had I not been working on my comics all weekend. I’m hoping next year when the only thing keeping me down here will be a job and not school obligations I’ll be able to make it up to Super Art Fights in the Met/DC a bit. I loved the SPX one so of course i’d love to hang out with you guys more at others ones.