Software Glitch

As a professional person, you should just nod and smile and do your best not say anything horrible to a former boss you can’t stand. As a regular person, I expect your response would start with the GLARE OF ABSOLUTE DOOMTM and degrade from there depending on your self control and alcohol consumption. It’s probably best to avoid those situations entirely.

Also, get on the good side of your IT people. They have mystical solutions. There are none wise as they.

  • Frank Smit


    I want that on a t-shirt.

  • Dave

    Except for when the IT people are idiots, which lands you on the corner of purgatory and absolute fuckage.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Ah, too true. Should probably change that to something like, get to know the competent IT folks. They have mystical solutions.

  • Giancarlo Ygngc

    Good evening sir, I’m afraid I don’t understand the humor behind this particular strip. Did the tech guys set the vid conference to be later than what was set for Steve?

  • Jamie Noguchi

    They set the reminder for Steve two hours later.

  • Firework the Comic

    I just noticed that I want their plan to go horribly awry and dig Steve into a deeper hole even than he is now–much deeper.

    I don’t know if you guys heard, but people who (I imagine) believe the same things Steve believed in at college threw bleach-filled balloons at POC students on UT Austin’s campus.

    Police investigating bleach balloon attacks on UT students | Austin

    ‘Bleach bombs’ on UT campus lead to march against racism | San Antonio

    Yeah, Steve is not in any fucking physical danger. Us white people deserve to get a few lashes (physically or verbally or, uh, metaphorically) for shit that can get POCs killed, and be grateful for the callout, and try to improve ourselves.

  • Firework the Comic
  • Jae H Lim

    That FACE in the last panel! I thought you couldn’t get better than that glare of DOOM last time, this one just strikes that perfect balance of glee and “I’m gonna git you mutha!” when you know that something bad will happen to someone you absolutely hate, but you know you can’t be openly gleeful about it.

  • johndoe

    That third panel.
    Drawn TOO awesomely.
    It honestly deserves props.

    (yep i might be kinda sleep deprived time to hit the hay yays!)