It’s probably little more than wishful thinking on my part, but I would absolutely love to see a live action Ultimate Spider-Man movie starring Miles Morales. I don’t know if Sony would ever do anything like that. Perhaps Marvel would if they ever reacquired the Spider-Man movie rights. But until miracles happen, we’ll have to turn to fan films like this to imagine what it would be like if Miles ever made it to the big screen.

  • Israel Harris

    Mmm not bad.. Obviously it has quality issues the main charicter is a little too old, and is in LA… But I really do like Miles Morales as a charicter. And think he might be able to hold his own in a movie if someone did half the job, and twice the money these guys are trying to do make the fan film.

    The only problem with a movie is that despite how good the comic book is, its bairly gotten started, and it’s a book full of talking heads that spin streams of drama up without resolution. I like that as a story prespective, but I just don’t think there is enought story yet to do a movie since so many story arcs are just getting set up. They got a vary solid first 20 minnutes a movie set up.. but outside of that, its really way up in the air.