Belly Of The Beast

I often think of corporations not as people, but as big, lumbering, mindless beasts that continually feed upon the hopes and dreams of those who tend to them.

So this isn’t a formal announcement or anything, but I’m starting the process of assembling Book 2 together. No idea when it’ll be done or ready for to order. All I know is that it’s going to have many more comics than the first book which will be awesome. And I’ll probably order many fewer since I fear that I will still have boxes of Book 1 by the time we have kids and they have gone off to college.

I do have a tentative title, The Client is Always. I am tempted to put an ellipses at the end of it, but I abuse the shit out of those three dots and might need to give them a rest.

“Always what” you ask? Exactly. Eh, maybe not. Well, that’s the title for now. It may change.

Oh, Book 2 features the first proper appearance of Lance which is super exciting. I might draw Lance in various salacious poses for all the chapter breaks. Because Lance.

  • Israel Harris

    As dramatic as Getting yank back into the belly of the beast could become… Im really supprised the dramtic turn I saw comming is still up in the air. I really want to call it out but in not sure it is polight to blurt out guesses..

  • Barb

    Heck, you could just call the book, “Because Lance”. :D

  • Jack

    Good title. Although I also would have accepted a toku reference.

  • Firework the Comic

    Paypal is being a bitch, or I would have bought your book already. Is your store gonna be up again soon? If you do a volume 1 + volume 2 discount bundle like EK Weaver just did with the second volume of TJ & Amal, I would buy that. Is it okay if I write you a check? I really have a hard time using paypal but I’ll be applying for a debit card soon.

    (If you’re gonna answer with info about how to pay by check, you can email me at the address I’m putting in here! Thanks!)

  • Jamie Noguchi

    I’m gonna be working on getting the store up this month. I do plan on doing a bundle for both books, but it’s going to be sometime next year before book 2 comes out.

    As for the check thing, I’ll get in touch with you when I sort things all out.

  • reynard61

    The SCOTUS opinions not withstanding (and I can only wonder what kind of damage they intend to inflict upon us in the coming session); yes, corporations most certainly are beasts and they should be treated with caution equal to that which one would show toward any other crazed or rabid man-eating predator.