posted Jun.26.15 at 08:58 am

Earlier this week, I finished my pitch to Oni and sent that bastard in. Got a form response saying they will respond within 60 days so I'll be trying not to watch my inbox like a drooling lunatic.

Sooooo, here's what's coming up. I'm going to be heading out to San Diego Comic Con in July to help run the Morlock Enterprises booth (our site is still under construction). We'll have toys and metal wearables and gashapons and shirts and all sorts of goodies. So from here until then, I'm going to be grinding on freelance, kickstarter shipping, and con prep.

When I get back home from Comic Con, depending on how long it takes for me to physically recover, I want to get back to regular updates. I'm going to have to cut out color because that takes some extra time so I'm actually going waaaaaaaay back to black and white. But I've got stories to tell and I wanna tell them.

You can probably guess that my pitch is related to the Apocalypse Belles so I'm going to be cutting the After Party arc short and jumping in with something completely new. Besides, it's been so long since a regular comic update that you probably have forgotten what the hell was going on. A lot of the backstory I wanted to fill in is going to be expanded in book form somehow. If Oni doesn't pick it up, I'll do it my damn self.

SOOOOOOOOOOO TL;DR comics are coming back sometime in July! If I'm not dead.


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Shout out to Phil Chan of Digital Pimp for hooking me up with table space!


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