September was a goodly month to catch me out in the wild. It’s looking like November will be a good month for Jamie sightings as well!

November 3, you can catch me in New Jersey at Wild Pig Comics for my first ever book signing! You’ll get three webcomics for the price of one! I’ll be alongside Dani O’Brien and Bill Ellis, the dynamic duo behind All New Issues, and the ever fabulous Danielle Corsetto who arms her Girls with Slingshots. I’ve never done a straight up book signing before so I’m pretty excited!

November 9-11, I’ll be in DC for Anime USA. I believe there will be some panels and things. I’ll have more details when I get them. I do know that at some point during the weekend, we shall be Art Fighting is a Super way so that should be cray cray.

November 12, I’ll be at Busboys and Poets in DC to talk about the Shattered anthology that I’m a part of. Here’s the nifty flier for the event! Editors Jeff Yang and Keith Chow will be there to talk about the anthology and I will try my best not to stammer like a friggin idiot. If all else fails, Gangnam Style!

So if you’re out and about in November and looking for an excuse to hang out and geek about comics, come find me and we’ll geek about comics!