Sharing Horrors

Ah, stories from the trenches. The foundation of a perfect relationship. Also, a big no prize to anyone who gets the absolutely geeky reference in this strip.

I am at Intervention this weekend. It starts today and ends on Sunday. I’m doing a cell shading panel at 4pm, a Cintiq demonstration after that at 5pm, and then something called “Sh!t Gets Real: A conversation with frustrated webcomic artists” which goes down at 7pm all on Saturday. Then Sunday, I’ve got a digital painting panel at 1pm. So if you’re in the Rockville area, stop on by and say hey.

Tonight, Super Art Fight returns to Baltimore with Peelander Z. I have so many mixed feels. This will be Peelander Red’s final tour with the band. I actually cried when I heard the news because I’m a big fucking baby. But I’m also super excited because my band gets to open for them which is a thing that I never before ever pondered could ever happen ever.

This is going to be a HUGE fucking show. The year still has a few months left in it, but I really think this is going to be one of our absolute best. If you’ve never made the time to get out to a Super Art Fight, tonight is the night for you to make that time. I’ll see you there!

  • Mark V

    That’s Bigboote!

    (most random Yoyodyne sighting: at the bottom of the GPL

  • Jamie Noguchi

    My overthrussssstaaaah!!!!

  • themangoavenger

    You know at the end credits when everyone is dramatically walking to the theme song? They’re in the LA river in the dry season.

    Also, I like how humble the tile character is for a race car driver-rockstar-brainsuregon.

  • MythicFox

    I see your end credits trivia and raise you this: the theme song wasn’t actually finished when they filmed it. They played ‘Uptown Girls’ for the actors, to establish the walking rhythm.

  • Doc

    I honestly couldn’t finish reading the strip for the first minute or so after seeing “Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems”, mostly because I had to wrap my head around a web-comic Banzai reference. Well-played, sir. Well-played.

    Just remember: Wherever you go…

    …there you are.

  • wilder125


  • Christopher Len


  • dragonfliet

    Wait, am I less geeky because I had no clue about this Buckaroo Banzai thing everyone else was referencing, or more Geeky because I knew that Yoyodyne is the recurring corporation in Pynchon’s novels?

  • William Hassinger

    Much as I love the Buckaroo Banzai refrence, I want to know: is that artist a real person? I’m digging the beetle-pony-thing and I’m just wondering if that’s real or your own invention.

  • John Murdoch Bockoven

    Oscillation Overthruster!

  • Frank Bromley

    i believe that’s why they referenced it in Buckaroo Bonsai.

    what i want to know is why hasen’t anyone actually started a band called the the Kung fu cavaliers

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Oh my gosh, I think you out geeked me. I don’t know what Pynchon is!

  • Jamie Noguchi

    She’s an artist I invented.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    That is my absolute favorite line of the movie.

  • purplelibraryguy

    Why me, John Bigbooté?

  • bbullock

    I believe you mean “The Hong Kong Cavaliers,” rocking defenders of allthat is right and good.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    No band could really live up to that title!