So Racist

This could be a fun kind of game. What other “So racist” things can you come up with?


This coming weekend is Intervention 2012, the third and final convention of September. It’s a three day affair starting on Friday and ending on Sunday. I’ll be there all three days although I will have to leave early on Friday to head on up to Baltimore for SUPER ART FIGHT! More on that in a bit. On Saturday, I’ll be running a handful of panels, one on cell shading, a Cintiq demonstration, and then something about talking shit about webcomics? Or something? Maybe I’ll do my version of “The Aristocrats.” Sunday, I’ll be doing a digital painting workshop and I see from the schedule that no one is after me so I might just go for a few hours until people get sick of me.

Back to Friday night. We will be art fighting at the glorious Ottobar with Peelander-Z. I just found out that this is going to be Peelander Red’s final tour with the band which makes me so very sad in my heart. But I’m so super excited because I get to open for Peelander Z with my band, Noisy Zen. So many mixed emotions for this show. It’s going to be an absolute slobber knocker tear jerker wonder of a show. If you’ve never been to a Super Art Fight, THIS IS THE SHOW TO SEE! Tickets are on sale now. You should get them soon because last time we did a show with Peelander, we almost sold the place out. And with Red’s farewell Ottobar performance, this is going to be an unforgettable night.

Fuck, I’m crying again.

  • HardWearJunkie

    I am not sure this is a game that should be played. I used to laugh at jokes similar to this, but then would it be the same if I heard those jokes about my ethnicity or skin color (I’m brown Filipino). I thought, “Would I like to have this done to me? Would I like to be made fun of because of my skin color?” (I have had it done to me and it didn’t feel good at all to be alone and singled out.) Steve may be a jerk, but if he’s sincerely trying to change that part of himself, then who has the right to mock him for it?

    I guess this strip is from Kane’s point of view and he’s still burned, but it’s a struggle for me to find something funny about this.

    Sorry to be a bummer.

  • Evan Chambers

    Way to kill a joke, HardWearJunkie. I think you are overly sensitive and wrong to be offended by this. Why does no one ever get told they are wrong to be offended? That should happen more. It’s hard to get really mad at the true ass holes like Steve when people get offended by jokes that came from an innocent heart.

  • Vortigar

    It’s not that he’s so white he produces lens-flares at night, it’s that he’s so racist he built his house from birch wood.
    Not a joke about his color, but about how racist he is, an important distinction that can get lost in the shuffle if you’re not careful with the statement. A racist is an ass either way, whatever color or religion or whatever they may be. They’re also brainstorming for his benefit and since he’s white that’s the perspective you have to work from.

  • Jedai

    > Steve may be a jerk, but if he’s sincerely trying to change that part of himself, then who has the right to mock him for it?

    you miss the part where he drinks his coffee white ? The idea is that
    none of those sentence have anything to do with racism, except colors
    and they’re expressly chosen to be ridiculous… If you really think
    Steve is being mocked for the color of his skin in this comic you’re
    completely missing the point !

    Note that most of those can be instantly adapted to any ethnicity you choose.

  • Wendy

    He’s so racist, he only goes shopping for deals on White Friday!

  • TeddyMarinaro

    In regards to the concert, enjoy yourself and carpe diem. In regards to the comic, Steve Liefeld’s so racist he only uses blackboards so he can cover it all up with white chalk.

  • King Jimmy

    So racist he tippexs out the noses of polar bears.

  • purplelibraryguy

    Racism isn’t a race, much the way Neo-Nazi isn’t a religion. I think it’s OK to poke fun at people for it. And that’s not even getting into the weird absurdist-ironic-for-inverted-effect thing they’re doing.

  • purplelibraryguy

    So racist that before he eats them, he removes everything but the icing from oreos (also peels apples and bananas).
    So racist that rather than “School of Rock” he prefers the movie “School of Roll” starring Jack White.
    So racist he only eats white licorice.
    So racist he once picketed Ford over the “Model T” color policy.

  • Jasmine P.

    So racist he only eats white rice
    So racist he calls party foul on tanned people at a white out party
    So racist he wants the American Flag off that moon that’s been bleached from radiation
    So racist the only manga/anime he likes in Bleach
    So racist he sees the world in shades of white
    So racist he only buys white Apple devices

    I still think my best one is the second one.

  • HardWearJunkie

    Thank you for explaining how you took the strip. However, results vary with each reader and my result says this may not be something good. It’s the “Yo’ Mama” jokes and the “She’s so blonde” jokes and the “He’s so chinky” jokes that makes me cringe because, just underneath the surface, we are using someone else’s social status or misfortune to make ourselves feel better and superior. And, at least to me, it seems wrong. I used to laugh at these jokes when I didn’t care years ago; I care now and it all seems just off kilter.

    Also, the subject matter is very explosive and I shot from the hip when I wrote my response. At the time I was trying to chose my words carefully, but in hindsight I should have taken more time to think about my response. I guess the whole story arc has “colored” my viewpoint in a very specific way to demonize Steve so completely that I had a knee jerk reaction to this strip.

  • HardWearJunkie

    I never said I was offended, I just questioned the game. Like I explained to Jedai, my reaction is different to everyone else’s and, for this strip, the material resonated differently. It’s just me. I have laughed at many of Mr. Noguchi’s jokes, but this one stopped me short and forced me to look at it differently. Sometimes people are overly sensitive, but that’s everyone’s wax and wane of emotions. It just so happens when this strip was published that my emotions for it were not for funny but deeply serious.

  • SmilingAhab

    They’re trying to mix self-deprecation and lampshade hanging as part of the pr rehab. Kind of how Dick Cheny tried to kill Harry Whittington and got away with it by yucking it up, one of the more colorful highlights being the “preparing for the journalists” pic, of him with his carbine aimed into the auditorium, standing behind the podium.

  • SmilingAhab

    He’s so racist he secretly wears a white bodysuit to keep the black blazer and slacks from touching him.

  • Frank Bromley

    so racist his 2 favorite bands are the white stripes and white zombie

  • Frank Bromley

    so racist he has an Untanning bed

  • Frank Bromley

    he’s so racist…damn i can’t quite got the joke something about tighty whities not being white enough for him’s 4 am as of this post i’m tired

  • Jana Hoffmann

    Daw, are there going to be videos of those panels somewhere?! I’d love to go to the panels but living in Australia makes that difficult! :p

  • JarrysKid

    So racist he even hates himself.

  • Israel Harris

    So racist he hires a group multicultural individuals to clean up image… And thats not my predicted bomb shell for this story arch.

  • Ido013

    Actually, I’d try white coffee. Since I first heard it existed yesterday, I’d be curious to try, and yes before you ask me the coffee beans are picked up white and it has nothing to do with racism lol.
    Plus it’s proper English to say white coffee because it’s apparently a real collocation lol. Oh yeah I should mention I was working on collocations yesterday too.. XD

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Holy crapola! That’s amazing! I’m not a coffee drinker, but I wonder if it tastes any different.

  • purplelibraryguy

    I’ve always gotten the impression that a lot of racists do.

  • Ahltar

    Ok, that’s funny.

    But I’m still sad since this kind of jokes links racism and “white people”.

    Just be aware that there is a racism for an from every ethnic group.

    Now, back tu fun :)