There wasn’t a whole lot of my artwork on my table at Baltimore Comic Con so I thought I’d start selling little fanart sketches. Gave it a try over the weekend at SPX and was pleasantly surprised. So the “Lil’ Box o’ Fanart” is going to be a new addition to my table setup. These are so much fun!

  • Q

    I got the Usagi Yojimbo one, which is a decision I slightly regret having seen the Gungnam Style happy cow.

  • Dan Young

    I managed to snap up the Gundam Style sketch! And thanks for the beast you left lurking in my sketchbook. I’m… I’m afraid to open it now…

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Ah neat! You made it your icon!!

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Oh, I did that in someone’s sketchbook. I’ll draw one for ya if you ever bring me a sketchbook.