Loop De Loophole

Old school DC Go-Go heads will remember Bodie’s shout out from DJ Kool’s 20 Minute Workout. That shit was my jam in high school!

Tomorrow, I’ll be bringing some old school flava to the Small Press Sexpo! Not really. I think I’d piss off my neighbors if I played nothing but Go-Go all day. But I might just dance around like an idiot anyway. If you’re coming to the show, I’ll be at table F14. And later that evening, we’ll be having a good ol’ Super Art Fight after the Ignatz awards which should be full of lots of arting and silly dancing. There will be dancing this weekend, I swear it!

  • Barb

    There’s not enough Go-Go in the world; I say, go for it. :D

  • wilder125

    Of course, if the public know they were trying to help. It’d be bad future publicity due to the fact they couldn’t change his image

  • Nurian

    *Steve is sitting in his office when he feels a slap across his face* OW! That felt…felt like karma.

  • http://www.jonlycettsmith.co.uk/ Jon Lycett Smith

    Steve’s slippery as an eel. You can’t work with people like that, they’ll find a way to stiff you in the end.

  • Guest

    If they’re working solely for Steve in this endeavor, does that make them bound by the non-compete? I mean, he by himself is not any kind of company, so does a private contract fall into the purview of the non-compete? I can’t say I know anything about business contract law, so I’m pretty much talking out my ass, but it’d suck if they found a loophole, only to run smack dab into another barrier. He’s a slippery sort, after all.

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie Noguchi

    Yeah, a private contractor still falls within the bounds of the non-compete sadly.