One of the things that fascinates me about the religions of the world is that at their very base, they preach very similar things. Be nice to each other. Don’t kill each other. God is totes rad. So why does so much poisonous and divisive rhetoric come from people who claim to be the most devout? Religions are rad. It’s the people that have turned me off.

Grandmaster Chu is back with another track to remind us of these similarities. Perhaps if we can remind ourselves of our similarities, we can overcome so-called religious inspired violence. It’s an amazing track.

  • Nurian

    One can only hope. But when there’s people on both sides chumming the water, there isn’t a whole lot of hope left.

  • Ann Sulaiman

    Muslim (immigrants) have a tendency to keep to themselves and not trust people “outside” their social group, as they fear what they don’t understand. This is purely from my personal experience, of course. I’ve been told about those who embrace intermixing and aren’t averse to making friends or finding their lovers in the societies they’ve moved into, and I wish I could see and experience that instead… they seem far removed from the self-righteous attitudes that are being circulated so frequently.

  • Ashiyama

    Thumbs up, Jamie, for posting this brilliant and inspiring music video. Keep preaching peace, bro. I’m definitely liking and sharing this vid on my facebook account and my political community page. Love is light and hatred is darkness. The more we talk about peace, the more lights there will be to break up the darkness.