“This ends now!”

So this is a pretty fun project. Filmmakers Stephen Dypiangco and Patrick Epino are raising funds to produce a web series starring some classic Asian Bad Guys from 80s and 90s action films. I think it’s a fun way to feature Asian characters who never got the screen time they deserved. Also, villains tend to be more interesting than heroes anyway.

Thanks to Jonathan ‘Bongo’ Budisantoso for sending this my way!

From: Awesome Asian Bad Guys

  • Songwind

    Do they have a limit on the number of times Bolo Yeung can appear in the list? Because I think he was about 63% of all Asian badguys in the 80s.

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie Noguchi

    LOL! That guy was freaking everywhere! I hope they get him.

  • jbudisantoso

    Thanks for the shout out Jamie! Bolo Yeung is awesome, I wonder if he can still do those pec flexes. They do have Al Leong though, and he’s been killed by some of the best 80′s and 90′s action stars; just look at this death reel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3xPY30Yzog