posted Dec.19.14 at 12:05 am

Gah! Time zones! How do they even!

Next week is XTREMAS TIME! If everything goes as planned, I'm probably going to update regularly for the holidays mostly because I want to keep the momentum going on this back story stuff so it won't drag on too terribly long. Crossing fingers!

↓ Transcript


Why do they always call at nigh?


Lassya's parents put up a poster for her movie, "Masala Wedding."

LASSYA (caption)

Once they knew the truth, my parents became my biggest supporters.


Lassya's parents stand in front a white sheet taped to a wall in a restaurant. The bar tender looks on amused.

LASSYA (caption)

They handed out poorly dubbed VHS tapes to family and friends. They called local news stations to do interviews with me. They even hosted a viewing party at our favorite local restaurant.


Lassya, groggy, answers the phone.

LASSYA (caption)

And thanks to them, destiny dialed long distance one fateful day.

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