Remember, your face has to be serious.

I believe that “Gangnam Style” will soon overtake the “Macarena,” the “Electric Slide,” and the “Chicken Dance” as the guaranteed dance to be done at least once at a wedding. So you better start learning how to do it properly, and who better to unveil its secrets than the creator himself, PSY. He’s a pretty good teacher.

Now, with the secret unveiled, it’s time to make your day a little bit more awesome by going Gangnam style absolutely everywhere! Like, oh say, at a Nats game!


  • VonKraut

    Check out this one Jamie,

  • Jamie Noguchi

    HOLYFUCK that’s a sea of people!!!

  • Brian Vo

    I love this dance so much. I really tried to do it after learning from this. Still need to work on it.

  • Ann Sulaiman

    Do that to Laibach, why doncha…