Fun Words

Why Steve called Kane first is a mystery we may never uncover.

The September con trio kicks off this week with the Baltimore Comic Con! This is my second year at the show and I’m super excited! I’ll be at table A291 shown here (click for a bigger map):

It should be an awesome time. Sunday evening, I’ll be kicking it with Adam Warrock at the Metro Gallery for his NOFRIENDS tour! Me and Brian Prindiville will be painting a mural which is a nice change of pace for us Art Fighters. We’ll get to show you we can actually draw on big things!

So if you can make it to the BCC or Warrock’s show, I’ll see you there!

  • keiranhalcyon31

    > Why Steve called Kane first is a mystery we may never uncover.

    I’m guessing it’s because to Steve, Kane and Bodie were interchangable mooks (and ethnic, to boot). I’m amazed he’d even remember their names.

    Since this is a webcomic, “so that we could have a scene where Kane gets to cuss Steve out” is also a valid reason.

  • Aenya Hiri Silverleaf

    “Why Steve called Kane first is a mystery we may never uncover.”

    Perhaps because as a racist fucktard he had racial stereotypes in mind and figured Kane would be less “dangerous” of the two choices?

  • Gillsing

    Steve wants their help proving that he’s no longer a racist? And the proof is that he’s been treating them just like any other corporate guy would have?

  • Alex Prinsen

    Found YP today, read from the beginning and made it here within 24 hours. I’d love to help support your work, do you sell prints?

  • reynard61

    Three words, Kane: “No.” and “Restraining order.” Any other way is a fool’s path.

  • RamblingAnon

    steve is secretly an assassin, taking out racist hate groups from the inside, using his business-fu to slap their shit.
    He only sacked the gang because he didn’t want the white supremacy group that he’d infiltrated to lynch them.
    now he needs their help in a do all or die effort to fight the powah.
    I’m calling it.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Thanks for doing the archive dive! As for prints, I’ll have to consider it. I’ve never done well with prints, ever, so I’ve hesitated to do anything with them. Also, I’m working on revamping the store. I’m hoping to get that up sometime in October when September winds down.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    HAHAH! I like it!

  • Firework the Comic

    I was going to ask when it would come back up. I want to get a puppy cow for my friend.

  • Firework the Comic

    It’s really important to racists that nobody calls them a racist or thinks they are racist.