Every once in a while, you may find yourself stuck. I hesitate to call it writer’s or artist’s block because I don’t like what that implies. So I try to remind myself that I’m just stuck. The important thing is to keep going and do whatever it is you can do to get through.

So, do you have any tried and true methods to getting un-stuck?

  • Israel Harris

    Really!?! I get a horrible mental picture you where born a web comic artist at birth. Im sorry, but giving birth to a drawing table chained to your son must of been terrible for your mom. But all joking asside, it seems like good advice.

    I personaly like to have a few things going through my head.. I draw alot, do some blogging, am currently working to make a small indie video game title. That video game project requires I teaching myself to model 3d assets for that game, and figure out what the project is going to look like, which in turn requires me to research, model in 3d, and draw even more. My plate is full of glorious fun projects to do.

    It’s great in that I never am without something to do since my burners are always cooking something up…I just simply let whatever project I feel like working on dictact where i put effort…but that can be kinda dangerious if your on a deadline. On top of that I have a incredibly dirty room from never letting myself accept I have a block. And I ocationaly have organizational problems… In any case I don’t think I ever get a traditional writers block since I have so much to do and learn. But at the same time, I don’t think a writers block is a huge problem. Infact, it can be a huge asset. Expecally if you want people over to visit you.

    In any case, I personaly think of a writers block as being inablity on how to visualize the best path to take with a project. This just means to me you have to somehow work through it. I work through it by have other projects to flex my ideas on. But you can save yourself lots of mental sanity simply by looking how the same problem has been solved by another writer or artist. Of course, you should just draw out ideas quickly and see what works best for you. You may even find a creative solution that nobody usualy uses, and that that can be the best solution of all since it makes you look smart.