Hynopposing Surprise

What better way to celebrate comic #400 than with surprise racism! Don’t worry, I promise it’ll get sufficiently weird.

In other news, September appears to be the busiest month ever! The weekend of the 8th and 9th, I’ll be at Baltimore Comic Con. That same weekend, on the evening of the 9th, I’ll be representing Super Art Fight at Adam Warrock’s Baltimore, Metro Gallery stop for his NOFRIENDS tour.

The weekend of the 15th and 16th, I’ll be heading to Small Press Expo. For an added bonus, the Super Art Fight crew will be performing after the Ignatz Awards the night of the 15th.

Finally, the weekend of the 21st-23rd, I’ll be at Intervention Con. That Friday night, not only will I be in the Super Art Fight main event at the Ottobar, I will also be performing with my band, Noisy Zen. Uh, no link for us yet. But the most exciting thing for me is that we’re opening for PEELANDER Z which is totally my most favorite band in the universe!

So yeah, September. Hella busy. So, if you’re contemplating on going to any of those things, I will be there to give bro fists!

  • Chrysophase2003

    Interesting. Not sure why he’s quite so surprised, but I’ll as always be happy to find out. On a sidenote, being linked to various radical groups is not hard, and it’s surprising when it actually occurs with your permission. As a joking example, I’m technically linked to a white supremacy group. Turns out I just have relatives in South Carolina. :)

  • Gillsing

    So now they can sue for being covertly discriminated against?

  • Firework the Comic

    These people are really dangerous. It’s like, they knew him all the time while he was there, but they thought he was just a boring ass manager. This is scary. This is probably the reality for a great many people in a great many companies.
    I wonder if iRate and Killer Queen have what it takes to stop him.

  • Turpskadey

    I think him being pictured in what looks like a Nazi SS uniform probably makes him more than coincidentally connected.

  • Chrysophase2003

    Yeah. Guess I’m just chatting. Steve doesn’t look like the type to be doing a theater version of The Sound of Music. Y’know the Nazis commissioned fashion designers to come up with their uniforms? I know they were evil and reprehensible, but they were well dressed.

  • Angie D

    You always surprise with the turns the story takes. Thank you. I try to keep myself open to what you come up with and not ‘jump ahead”, so to speak. I love your artwork and your storytelling style. Two thumbs up!!!