My brother-in-law introduced me to the best rap song I’ve heard in a long ass time, “Hot Cheetos & Takis” by Y.N. RichKids. The future of Hip Hop is in good hands.

Seriously, this is tight. From the hook to the beat to the individual verses, “Hot Cheetos & Takis” totally brings me back to the days when Hip Hop was more than just self-aggrandized posturing. Real MCs didn’t need to remind you how tight they were every ten seconds or remind you how to spell their names every chorus. They let the rhymes speak for themselves. That’s why I love this so much. The Y.N. RichKids know they’re cool as shit. See those smiles throughout the video? They don’t need to put themselves on blast, they let the rhymes do it for them.

My favorite verse comes from Ben 10 around 2:47. I feel like he’s the Mystikal of the group. I can imagine him just exploding in the studio laying down his verse.

They’ve got four freaking albums already that you can listen to at their site. And be sure to buy a copy of “Hot Cheetos & Takis” to support the real Hip Hop.

  • Drezz

    ‘uh ride aroun’ on ma bi-sicko, ride aroun’ on mah bi-sicko’

    I was singin that all afternoon. It was a little a the long side, but since there’s like 20 kids, everyone’s gotta get a verse in.

    Fun stuff!

  • J’onn

    This is great! Gonna be stuck in my head all day.

  • Tony

    You know it gotta be good on Noguchi’s site,
    When you Playin Hot Cheetos and Taki’s way into the night,
    Drezz be ride’n aroun on his bi-sicko, his bi-sicko, his bi-sicko,
    Lil J’onn is a little confused cause his head is full of snow,
    Join’in Jamie’s crew is Tony from L.A.,
    He be puttin down the rap because there is now other way
    Ah yeah boyeee

  • Jamie Noguchi