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Remember, if you have too many onions, you can always add more chili.

  • JohnNichols

    I get the feeling you enjoy drawing naked Lance.

  • Firework the Comic

    Aww, a cute metaphor :D

    Something came to my notice which made me very uncomfortable. Joe Bovino’s Field Guide to Chicks ( I can’t be too mad because I’m white, but I think the ethnic stereotypes are just disgusting, insulting, and pathetic and the entire book is not funny. There is a sample excerpt about Vietnamese-American females and the pathetic just leaks through.
    Maybe you’ll have different thoughts, or think it’s not worth paying attention to, but I just wanted to drop this because you’ve spoken up so much about Asian-American non-stereotypical representation. :(

  • hswoolve

    I don’t mind looking at him. Hurray for fanservice

  • toeorchestra


  • Dana Micciché

    I love the interaction between these two.

  • Jason

    I’m a dude
    and I can still get plenty mad
    about stuff like this. Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t affect you personally- if it seems judgemental
    and plays to harmful stereotypes in
    a harmful way, feel totally free to get mad! This stuff is harmful all of society.
    I’ve encountered mention of this book before, myself, and agree that it DOES play to, and reinforce, potentially harmful stereotypes. It reduces women- of all backgrounds- to nothing more than a bunch of stereotypes and de-humanises them. It’s pretty disgusting, and reinforces the idea that it’s okay to treat women as less than equals- as things to be leered at by men. So yeah, as a dude, I’m utterly disgusted by it- and, frankly, insulted not just for the women who are degraded by it, but insulted that I’m supposed to find something like that of interest.

  • Firework the Comic

    Thanks. My friend said “I’m going to give this the attention this deserves–none” and I think that’s right too. This book is not very popular. I don’t want to actually cause him to profit if it gets negative publicity.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Yeah, I just got back and took a look at that page and it’s one of the most insulting things I’ve seen get published on purpose. I can’t believe a publisher thought that drek like this is okay to put out there. I won’t be giving it any press other than this comment thread, but my god, crap like this just sickens me.

  • Kay

    Too many onions? Is that possible? o-o