Uncorked Demon

It’s darkest before the dawn. Or when the ink starts drying out.

Thank you for all the comments. I always kinda worry when I fiddle with the art style, but it seems like this noir stuff isn’t too much of a departure. There are some future arcs which could be a lot of fun in this style so I’m going to keep it in my back pocket for when it’s time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.richard.35 John Richard

    So, does Kane have drinking issues, or are you personally against alcohol abuse? Just curious.

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie Noguchi

    This is Lance. I’m sorry if that wasn’t more clear. And yes, he has an issue.

    Aren’t most people against alcohol abuse? Drinking is perfectly fine. But drinking to excess is dangerous.

  • Jordan

    That last panel is absolutely haunting. The shadows swallowing Lance up, alongside the absolute emptiness of his eyes, is intense, and makes me feel genuine dread for what may happen next. Kudos on a strong week so far.

  • ChrisKeris

    I’ll have to agree with this gentleman right here *nods*. I don’t remember when or why I started reading YP, but I’m damn glad I did!

    Say, have you ever thought about turning some panels into wallpapers? I could especially see that last panel as one!

  • SmilingAhab

    Seems it’s also gonna be depressed beefcake week.

  • kelsey

    This looks awesome!

  • http://www.facebook.com/reinah Sherry Reina Hochbaum

    Really reminds me of The Sandman.

  • TeddyMarinaro

    All I gotta say is, “Whoa…. Heavy.” You now have me imagining a darker more introspective version of the Hong Kong crime dramas, something like Internal Affairs mixed with Trainspotting.

  • http://100daysjournalcomic.blogspot.com Jasmine P.

    I’m interested in where this is going. This style is interesting, I’m too afraid to go with heavy blacks even though I love them. i always think i’m ruining my work when i try to go with flat fills like this. I think you’re doing a great job and I’m excited about where you’re going to take it.

    I kind of want that middle panel. Mouse pad – bottle label, book mark I don’t care what. It’s so simple and lovely. And haunting.

  • Angie D

    these are quite amazing.