The Olympics are over and this video is a little old, but I thought I’d share:

You may remember Jenna Marbles from her video on how to trick people into thinking you’re hot. And talking to her dog.

Because I’m a big fucking nerd, as I watched Jenna’s take down of “Ponytail” I couldn’t help but relate her comments to super hero bewbs. For the past few weeks, we’ve seen amazing physical feats of athleticism from people of all shapes and sizes. The body types of athletes are as varied as the countries represented in the games. Yet when we turn to our super hero comics, we see one or two body types. I hope that maybe the games could serve as a reminder to artists that physical athleticism comes from a variety of body types. The Flash should never be as muscularly drawn as Superman.

Back to super hero bewbs. It’s perfectly fine for a super hero to have double Ds, but when fighting crime, they should probably be reined in. Sports bras somehow don’t exist in the super hero world which must be terribly annoying for the ladies. Breasts swing around when you’re in motion. When you’re fighting, they can throw off your timing. Why the hell would you let them flap around in the wind like that? Super hero sports bras should be standard issue to every super hero lady out on patrol. You can still draw them with large breasts when they’re not kicking ass. A lot of comics these days feature pages and pages and pages and pages of just talking. They don’t need to be in their fighting uniforms for the exposition. But when it’s time to suit up, get those breasts in check. You’d think with all the emphasis on realism and grittiness these days, the sports bra would fit in there somewhere.

  • Kyle Wright

    Okay…so not to sound like a creepo, but a lot of the women at the olympics are hot. Look at a lot of the female runners for USA. They have strong muscular builds, but it works. Women in comics could look like that and I would definitely support it. Hell, my celebrity dream wife is Sawa from the Japan women’s soccer team. To put it bluntly she’s tiny and doesn’t have big boobs, but she’s hot. The comics giant boobs flailing around with an nothing for waist or hips is actually gross looking to me.

    Also in response to the video. Female swimmers are hot and the article writer is stupid.

  • Pernoda

    I totally agree with this. Any woman, including myself, can attest to how hard and distracting it is to exercise without a decent sports bra. It seriously isn’t fun. As a comics enthusiast I understand that there’s a certain amount of suspension of disbelief. There’s even a certain amount of “cartoon physics” depending on what you’re reading. But if artists want to go for the realistic route than they’ve really got to carefully, CAREFULLY consider not only what their characters will look like depending on what they do but, maybe, how they feel about how they look or how it will affect the outcome of a fight.
    I’m all for realism but some thought needs to be put into it before they head for the default bodybuilder/Victoria’s Secret model trope.

  • Tisk

    But what about the faaaaaanboooooooys?! …. seriously though, you’re so right about this, you deserve to have this post stamped in rainbow ink saying “TOTALLY APPROVED!”. While weeding out anti-gravity boobs, vacuum-sealed-into-costume boobs, sphere-boobs and armpit boobs (yes I’ve seen them) they can take out the Boobs&Butt pose right with it. It will not be missed.