Demon Bottle

Gonna be a dialog free week. Figured out a nice little interlude that would give me an opportunity to play with a more noir style. Hopefully, it won’t be too over dramatic. Although, Lance tends to attract the dramas.

  • Joseph Roy Fishbeck

    Going to really test your art skills this week, aren’t you?

  • Doc

    This strip is perhaps one of your most impressive ones to date. The shading, the little hairs on Lance’s arms in the second panel, and the overall composition is freakin’ stunning. If this is what you put out when you’re taking it easy, you should feel free to take it easy more often. :P Bravo.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Gonna try.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    HAHA! Thanks.

  • World Rocker

    I want to hug him :(

  • SmilingAhab

    Last panel’s approaching a Sandman vibe…

  • 三毛

    Everything on this strip blows me away – the curls of the thin smoke lines and oni face, the deep contrast and shading… I followed you first because you were the only Asian webcomic artist I knew out there, then for the story, and lately – WOAH – your art. I really dig the experimentation.

  • Rarar

    At first look I thought Steve was summoning a demon to screw them over. Which would actually explain a lot.