There’s been so much in the news lately that has just broken my soul. I haven’t written anything about the Wisconsin shootings because it’s difficult to form words without lashing out against the world. But is silence really any better? Grandmaster Jason Chu doesn’t think so and shares his apology to the Sikh community.

  • Chris Chalfont

    Wow. Moving. Truly, a Christian and humanist point of view at the same time. What really got me about the temple shooting, though … if the shooter really looked into Sikhism, he never would have entered the building and opened fire. Sikhism is the ONE religion in the world that expresses tolerance for ALL other faiths as a religious tenet. To them, no path to God is wrong. Even if you do not worship the way that they do, it is still a commandment of their faith that they open their home to you, share their food, help as they can. They are to lead simple lives, work in the community both as a standard vocation and also in acts of charity, and be upstanding citizen leading honest lives. Truly, the one faith around for which I have a lot of respect as they tend to trend away from hypocrisy. Extreme ignorance breeds death, nearly every time.

  • Jae H Lim

    Thanks for posting this!