It’s Friday! So you deserve a good ear worm!

So I’ve been twitter bombing people with this video because it’s fucking epic! I fully expect to see Gangnam Style at all anime cons from here on out. And I hope this sparks off a lot of PSY cosplayers. The hair, the shades, the moves, perfection.

And of course, there will be parody/tribute videos like this one where Team Korra goes Gangnam Style.

  • Maggie

    Hilarious! I’ve been making my friends watch this video too. The best reaction was one of my girlfriends who looked at me with the most puzzled expression and asked if he just said “open condom style”.

  • Sean

    Any video that gets Hyun-a to do the riding the pony dance is tops on any of my lists! Just a warning though. Do not show this to a two year old. While it’s hilarious watching him ride the pony the first ten or twenty times, the song gets on your nerves around the 50th. Still, it’s better than Barney. ;)

  • FB

    so how long till “Gundam Style” is done?

  • Jamie Noguchi

    HA! Someone already did it!

  • Jamie Noguchi

    This one is better though!