“My eye! My eeeeyeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!”

My fucking brain!!!!

I just watched episode 3 of K-Town. There. Congratulations LOUD. Mission accomplished.

I could try to make some kind of excuse and say that in the interest of journalistic integrity, I don’t want to comment on something until I’ve seen it for myself. But, well let’s face it, I’m no journalist. Maybe it’s a peak into a lifestyle that I’ve never experienced. Maybe I like watching people fight for no good reason. But whatever it is, K-Town is a thing that I can’t look away from.

Still, it feels scripted, specially this vide oresponse from the “random” girl that Violet uses drink attack on, Janie.

See, it’s posted on the official channel of the show. If this were a real video dis, it would be on Janie’s personal channel, probably with a lot more swearing and poorer lighting. It feels fake and it makes it seem like K-Town is a fake bill of sale.

I think there are two more episodes in this first “season” which was probably the intended pilot episode. And despite the number of dislikes each episode seems to get, the view counts are pretty big. I’m guessing Season 2 will be on its way soon. And then I will drill a hole in my head to let my squishy brain ooze out for being stupid enough to tune in and share this drek.