Yelp can be a great source for finding foods if you’re in a new town. It can also be a great source of entertainment, especially when read aloud by trained professionals.

It should be some sort of internet law that the best and worst Yelp reviews be read in a dramatic fashion. These are brilliant!

  • Kyle Wright

    OMG I need to send this group the yelp page for the restaurant I work at. We have some of the most ridiculous reviews ever! Including someone berating us because we taste like home cooking…

  • Wayne Zombie

    Amazing, definitely must shill this further.

  • Doc

    Is it sad that when you said “read in a dramatic fashion”, the first thing that immediately jumped to mind was an old-school video…

    Those yelp readings were pretty awesome, though. Rofl’d pretty hard, there…well-played, sir. Well-played.

  • Jeremy Dwiggins

    Oh my god! “…and it incinerated everything in my intestines.” I can’t see straight now. :D