posted May.04.15 at 12:05 am

As the lady says, this week is shaping up to be hella busy.

I hope you all had an awesome Free Comic Book Day this past weekend. Between Age of Ultron dropping and all the fun events that shops were planning as well as Star Wars Day, the weekend was pretty much the perfect nerd holiday!

Saturday was the first time I ever did a FCBD event at a shop. I freaking love Fantom Comics and I'm so honored that they asked me to chill with them. The shirt I designed looked really great on people! The day flew by. I sketched non stop from 10am – 2pm and it honestly felt like only an hour. And no two requests were the same. I think my favorite was drawing Daria with a chainsaw. Because chainsaws.

The best part? I made a third of what I made at C2E2 and I didn't have to pay for a plane ticket or hotel room. I think I might try to set up more personal appearances in the near future because clearly, pop culture cons are not where my audience is.

I wish I could have spent the entire day going from shop to shop to hang out with all my friends who were working the day as well. There was just so much positive energy and enthusiasm for comics and so many families with young kids! It really restored my faith in the business to see such love for these funny books.

Fuck yeah, comics!

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