The Drool King

Those weird looking things on Kane’s face are straw wrapper snails which are really fun to make. If I remember, I’ll try to make a few this weekend and post photos on twitter. Which is an awesome segue to…


This weekend, I’ll be at the ConnectiCons in sunny Hartford. We will be Super Art Fighting Saturday night which is new for us at this show. Usually, we’re during the afternoon. I believe we take the stage at 9pm which means we can unleash our full rated R fury for the millions… AND MILLIONS of Super Art Fight’s fans. It should be a blast.

I’m going to be debuting a new thing. I’ll only have five so if you’re going to the con and want one, better find me quick. I’m hoping to get Audrey to make a few more so I can put them up online because plushie darumas is one of the biggest requests I get. We’ll see how it shapes up. Don’t know how they’ll do at the show so who knows, you might be able to pick one up afterwards if they don’t sell.

Hope to see you there!

  • awesomemvs

    Plushie darumas? you’re amazing. I won’t be there though :(

  • JordanDevereaux

    With friends like this…

  • Jamie Noguchi

    There will be more eventually. Have to figure out a production schedule and all that kind of stuff.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    GAH!! Spelling!!! I’ll fix that first panel when I get home later today.

  • Sara Beckett

    Why?? I liked the real fonts at first, but now everything seems so wrong! WHYYYY

  • Doctor Gustav

    Things on my head. Episode 508: Rice Ball.