Sleep Talking

I could pie as well. I want some damn pie. There’s a pie truck that comes around every once in a while, but since the kids are out of school for the summer, there are no food trucks hanging out at GW. But dammit, I want some pie!

Next week is San Diego ComicCon. It always makes me sad that I can’t go. I don’t think the trip out would make financial sense as an indy cartoonist just yet. I think YP is still too young to really make a good showing. But the two times I’ve been were enough for me to fall in love with it all. The Hollywood stuff and movie junk didn’t really interest me, but I absolutely loved wandering around the artist alley picking up sketch books from some of my favorite artists and checking out the work of up and coming talent. There’s art in them thar halls if you just look for it between the movie props and movie stars.

If any of you end up going, please send lots of photos and reports from the floor! Yes, I will be insanely jealous, but I can’t help it. I want to go to nerd prom!

  • Anna

    … pie… truck?! Good lord, there are some things that the Netherlands are lacking, I hear.
    Nice comic, btw. Kane sort of looks like I feel right now…

  • Jamie Noguchi

    We’re the most obese nation in the world for a reason. And that reason, PIE TRUCK!

  • awesomemvs

    My weekend’s starting with a dental appointment in 7.5 hours! wee! 9 fillings to get repaired!
    I’ll look like Kane afterward.

  • Kyle Wright

    I only weigh 260…pie truck needs to come to San Diego so I can be a full sumo size of 400lbs. I love pie. Mmmmm pie.

  • Conrad W. Rudy

    Unless he’s mispronouncing it for cute effect, it’s eggs, not egges =] Anybody in particular you want pics of?

  • Jamie Noguchi

    ouchies! Good luck!

  • Jamie Noguchi

    I was going to change it and then I thought it looked funny because he’s all tired and shit and NOW I’m thinking I might change it anyway to like eggies or something silly like that.

    I guess everyone wants photos of actors and shit like that. But it would be cool to see actors with comics in hand to prove that they belong there!

  • punman

    Here we have food trucks of all sorts. Pizza, tacos, sandwiches, some stuffed pita thing, wings, even a GRILLED CHEEZE CART. And they all come to the block where I work on Fridays. :)

  • Jon Perry

    I will be at SDCC on Tuesday… still waiting to see if they selected me for the Course for the Force run (doubt it but hopeful). It would have been cool to shake your hand, buy you a beer man, maybe next year?

  • Jamie Noguchi

    I hope so. If it doesn’t conflict with a con that I actually do okay at, I desperately want to make it out there.

  • Rosscott

    I could ALWAYS pie.

  • Doug Moore

    The Dangerously Delicious Pie truck comes near my office, generally on Wednesdays (20th & Virginia)

  • Conrad W. Rudy

    It’ll prolly be pics of Artist’s Alley, Webcomic and Small Press denizens.
    Last year I was stopped whilst walking the dealer room by a Japanese man who asked in pidgen English if he could take a picture of me. I was very puzzled, as I’ve always dressed normally for the Con. “You are cosplaying as Walter, yes? Big Lebowski?” Me: “…”

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Oh god, soooo dangerous. SOOO GOOOD!!!!!

  • Jamie Noguchi