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Honesty is the best policy, especially if you’re dating someone with superb knife skills.

Happy Birthday America!

Today, we celebrate the birth of our nation with hot dog eating contests and explodies! I hope it’s a fun and safe birthday for everyone. I’m a big fan of eating way too much on the 4th of July and watching explosions from the comfort of air-conditioning and bathrooms. I guess it would be pretty cool if I knew anyone who lived in a high rise near fireworks. I used to live on the top floor of an apartment complex which gave me an excellent view of at least three major firework displays every year. Lots of fun.

If you are crazy enough to venture out to the Mall today to enjoy the Folklife Festival and the fireworks, please bring plenty of water and bucket loads of patience. Remember, tourists may not know they’re supposed to stand on the right side of the Metro escalators.

And for everyone else who doesn’t celebrate the 4th, I made especially sure I updated for you!

  • reynard61

    Well; in my neck of the woods (Indianapolis) the hot-dog-eating contests may be a go, but the explodies are looking pretty iffy because it’s been dry as a bone here for the past month. (In fact, we just broke the record for the driest June ever.)

  • bob smith

    You’re making me feel better about my decision not to head down to the Mall and check out the insanity. Now I just have to decide whether or not to head to Philly for their madness….

  • Mo Sen

    Can you tell us what software you use? how you make your comics ?

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Yikes! Don’t want a fourth of July brush fire. Wish we could send some of the rain we’ve been getting your way.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Yeah, man, I’ve done the Mall like three or four times and each time I curse myself for being so stupid. The Metro ride in isn’t so bad, but getting out of the city is fucking insane.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    The only software I really use is photoshop for some touch ups and lettering. Everything else is done with pencil, ink, ink wash on bristol.

  • JordanDevereaux

    I’m sure she’d rather know now that it’s bombed rather than when it goes up on the menu. Though admittedly I’m kind of surprised that she didn’t taste it before giving some to Allie and Bodie. If it’s really that off, it shouldn’t have been hard to tell before she brought it out.

  • reynard61

    Fortunately it turns out that (at least from what the news said earlier) the explodies *are* going to happen, but with a higher Fire Department presence than is usual in past years. So, yay! [/Fluttershy]

  • Adam A

    Yeah, a great chef tastes their food before serving it…

  • Kira Foster

    Yes, honestly works a lot better.