Fuck that, give the kid the point!

My brother just sent me this and I busted out laughing. It’s a clip from an 80′s kid game show from New Zealand.

It’s funny to see the comments on the video. I don’t really think it’s fare to call the response racist. We’ve got White people, Black people, Brown people, Yellow people. And using “yellow” to indicate cowardly is sort of an old school turn of phrase. These days we usually say “chicken shit” or “pussy” or “wuss” or “bitch.”

So give the kids his point!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ann.sulaiman.1 Ann Sulaiman

    I think the question wasn’t phrased correctly – it’s when we refer to someone as “yellow-bellied” that we mean “cowardly”, rather than “yellow”.

  • http://twitter.com/Drakmarth King Jimmy

    It is really poorly phrased, no one that checked the questions prior to going on air thought “Wait, this could be misconstrued as something else.” I mean ‘Yellow’ has been long associated with treachery and cowardice, but c’mon.