Okay, so you can’t tell shit all about this game from this teaser trailer. No idea what the game play looks like, no clue as to what kind of game it even is. But I’m still excited. I have always wanted to play an Usagi Yojimbo game always and now my dreams are finally coming true!

Actually, my real dream of an Usagi game would be something where you could wander around the countryside going from town to town completing missions that you come across by accident. Every few months, there would be a new DLC pack of missions so it would be this ever expanding universe. Either that or do something based on the Dragon Bellows Conspiracy arc where you can follow the path of different characters. Man, so many possibilities for Usagi games and I would play them all!

  • http://twitter.com/atouchofyou Stephanie

    I got really excited, thinking this was going to be a Sailor Moon as Yojimbo game. Now I am disappoint. :(