Samosa Factory

Metro Dhaba is one of those weird places that you hear about whispered in legend. It’s kind of out of the way and not really near anything that’s well trafficked. It was originally called Il Forno and specialized in brick oven pizza. New management took over and decided to run two menus, the Il Forno Italian pizza menu and the Metro Dhaba Indian cuisine menu. I have absolutely no idea how either menu is. The only things I’ve ever eaten from this place are the samosas. You can get a whole massive tray full for a few bucks. The Yelp reviews are kind of mixed so I don’t really feel confident in recommending this place. But, if you have a big party to go to and want to bring a metric shit ton of samosas, this is the place.

  • Pookie

    Good Sir, it is your fault that I am currently besieged by a samosa craving. Oh dear. Also! Fantastic story arc. :) See you at the gym sometime!

  • toag

    who wouldnt want to bring a metric shit ton on samosas to a party?

  • Bellar

    Oh neat! I grew up in Gaithersburg MD, and remember when Il Forno was still called by that name. I can’t attest to the current quality of their pizzas, but they used to have the best brick oven pizza.

    If the new management have kept that the same then the pizza is definitely worth trying out.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    They definitely have the same pizza oven. I have no idea if it’s a similar recipe or not.

  • Jamie Noguchi

    Samosas for everyone!!!!

  • OctaviusIII

    Metro Dhaba is actually not that inaccessible. Way the hell up the Red Line but only about a 15 minute walk from there, Ride On 59 if you want to take it.

    I’ll have to go try…

  • Dana Micciché

    Oooh. That is so not far from me. Going to have to try it next time we’re in the area!

  • Nathaniel

    I hear that, while it’s not on the menu, they have an “Indian Pizza” available if you ask for it. Some of my mom’s friends like it, but it is apparently extremely strange. Like curry sauce instead of tomato sauce, and weird indian food toppings, or something, I forget.

  • seezee

    We have a place called Jana’s that serves Thai & Italian food, here in central OK.

  • Jonathan Marinaro

    I have noticed that their online menu has been corrected with a pen…. and that samosas are now only 90 cents. Good god why don’t we have one out here?

  • Rosemary Westbrook

    Oh man we’re going to get samosas from Metro Dhaba for Father’s Day dinner this weekend! The best thing is it’s right up the hill from Goodwill so that’s an awesome afternoon right there without having to get on 355 again.