¥P so rarely gets any press coverage that I usually freak the fuck out whenever someone writes about the comic. Brian Vo over at ComicBooked wrote a really nice review although he may have missed Miss Jessy’s arc because holy shit, the mellow drama attack. Apparently, ComicBooked does a Webcomic Wednesday(almost as awesome as Gundam Wednesday) so if you’re looking for more comics to add to your readers, check them out.

Thanks, Brian, for the review!

  • awesomemvs

    Drama is people doing crazy things for crazy reasons. Melodrama is people doing crazy things for bad or nonexistent reasons, and that’s what YP doesn’t have. :D Except that one time Bodie freaked out in the comic shop but offices do that to you. Also he was probably on his period.

  • Brian Vo

    Yo Jamie! Hey nice to see me mentioned on your site! And gives me an opportunity to reply thusly:

    I totally read everything in the archives up to my publishing that piece in the space of three days (would have done it in one had there not been other things to write.) There’s melodrama, and then there is AWESOME DRAMA.

    YP is the latter, and I ate it up.