Joel Bukieqicz is the artist behind Cut Brooklyn specializing in high-end cutlery for chefs and home cooks looking for that perfect edge. In the first part of the video, Joel shows us how he crafts each of his blades by hand. I can’t believe he’s going full tilt with no eye protection. Still, the process is fascinating to watch. Makes me want to take a knife skills class so I can justify the purchase of such a blade.

This is such a wonderfully inspiring piece and I feel like any artist, regardless of their trade, could learn a lot from Joel.

From: Chow

  • Kyle Wright

    I like his idea for a santoku better. At work we used to have a nakiri bocho for cutting the vegetables, which is like a cleaver the size of a small chef knife. IT WAS AMAZING and that’s what his santoku sounds like. I agree with like everything he said, so many people don’t know what’s up with kitchen knives and they ruin them. I can’t wait until I can afford my first high-end knives.