Clearly, the boy isn’t a lyricist. But for something written while locked in a vocal booth, it’s… well, it could have been worse.

I thought it might be fun to hear what this silly thing might sound like so in addition to writing a full set of horribly cheesy lyrics, I also recorded the song using nothing but my voice.

Feel free to download and share with your friends. And here are the lyrics:

Tara, I’m terribly glad that I ran into you
After all these years that we have been apart
I don’t remember why we never worked it out
All this time you’ve been echoing in my heart

T is for the time forever we’ll be spending
A is for all of me that I will give
R is me ready for love never ending
A is for always and truly will I live

It’s the first ska song I’ve ever written and I hesitate to even call it that. But there you go. Now you can seduce all your friends named Tara with this lyrical wonderment.

  • lionthetiger

    Well done on the song.

  • Anna

    That adorable little cheerful song just completely cheered me up. And my name’s not even Tara!

  • Vincent

    I agree with Anna.
    And i’m not even a girl! ;):p

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie Noguchi

    Thank you! It was a lot of fun to record.

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie Noguchi

    Awww! It might kinda work with Anna or any name that is two syllables and ends in an “a” except for the second verse.

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie Noguchi


  • qDanielGrant

    I now have the perfect ringtone!…just need to meet someone named Tara.

  • Jason

    That was…
    Absurdly, hilariously fantastic.

  • Cody

    That song was Awesome!

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie Noguchi

    YES! Best way to meet a girl, goofy ringtone attack!

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie Noguchi

    heh, thanks!

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie Noguchi


  • JarrysKid

    Wicked cool tune! Wild applause.

  • zomgenius

    The song is great!!! :D I’m definitely a fan of Kane and Ally together, but… I’m starting to warm up to Kane and Tara! ;u;

  • cannibal_hect0r

    That was pretty great! Good job Jamie.

  • trilinetrish

    Yaaah! That was great! Thanks for the stupid smile that’s going to stay on my face alllll day!

  • Kyle Wright

    I was all about Kane and Ally, even if I do have a thing for British Indians (like seriously, it gets me every time), but after listening to that song I am a convert.

  • Kyle Wright

    i agree

  • Anna

    Well, true! You should make an “Anna” version too! I’ll pay you in… in… in fan art!

  • Jenova

    Nice song and great singing, for someone that does not do so proffessionaly. ^^
    Also chiming in to say that the last few strips were great.
    Keep up the good work, Jamie. ^^

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie Noguchi


  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie Noguchi


  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie Noguchi

    Hahhaha. Stupid smiles are the best.

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie Noguchi

    Thank you!

  • JarrysKid

    Damn it, Jamie, that song has been stuck in my head since I heard it. :-)

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie Noguchi

    Muhahaha! Earworm attack, successful!!!

  • JooliaHoolia

    I’m with @QQRUTJDycf:disqus
    that song is going to be stuck in my head all day :), also this is my first comment on here, I heard about YP from Girls with Slingshots and now I’m hooked :)

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie Noguchi

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • spesaudax

    Aww man. Now I’m going to break out in random peals of laughter all day,
    but I won’t be able to explain to anybody as to why exactly that is. On
    the one hand, I can’t tell if you were actually screeching “Tara,” or
    flat out crowing. On the other hand, I don’t even care. The hilarity is
    simply marvelous.

    On an unrelated note: One must remember to never sip one’s tea whilst
    reading this comic, else risk gigglesnorting said tea into the oblivion
    that is the laptop keyboard. Thank you.

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie Noguchi

    HAHAHA! Thanks! For the horn sounds, I was pretty much doing what I drew Kane doing, pursing my lips and making a noise.

  • moby

    That was an awesome song. I loved it!

  • spesaudax

    Hmm. I suppose that would do it, huh? Well, even if it ruined my tea, it made my day.
    …And it looks like it might just make Kane’s night. Merr.