Um… so I don’t know if there’s such a thing as Asian British Awesomeness Month in the UK, but, well, this is awesome and kind of related so I’m going with it. Amanda Li Hope is a contemporary jewelry designer from Clerkenwell, London who uses fair trade gems and metals in her work. I know shitall about jewelry, but I find her pieces to be quite elegant in their simplicity. And I really love the X rings. I also never considered sustainability in jewelry making before I saw this.

She works a crazy ass schedule, 3 days in her studio as a jeweler, 4 days in the office as an architect. I suspect she’ll be able to ditch her architecture job to do jewelry full time fairly soon. You can check out her work at her website and follow her blog

  • rubberbend

    I remember reblogging this on Tumblr, and I stated that I want somewhat a life like this. I’m taking accountancy in college and it is brutal, but hopefully, my grit, tenacity and outlook will pull me through it. Alive. Once I get out of this small town, there will be no bounds. I would love to work a hectic lifestyle like Amanda’s, having a day job as well as working on a passion.