The Perils Of Beat Boxing

Sorry, Kane, but this is how you get on the mic:

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As you can see, the art of beatboxing is kind of awesome. You carry your instrument with you at all times and can drop a funky beat at a moment’s notice. There are often moments in the day when I wish someone would bust out a mad beat for me to bob my head to. The work week needs more beatbox.

  • Nick (language warning, btw)

    Ever hear of this guy? He’s an amazing beatboxer.

  • AntiDoc

    Beardyman is ridiculously entertaining, especially when you throw up one of the playlists on his channel on youtube. I swear, you can’t really tell the difference between his voice and a legitimate recording.

  • Barb

    The “Omm Omm” face cracked me up. :)

  • Jamie Noguchi

    @_@ That’s fucking SICK!!!!

  • Jamie Noguchi

    It’s my favorite part of the sequence.

  • Aenya Hiri Silverleaf

    OH MAN, BEARDYMAN! I completely forgot about this ASDSFADFASGHEEYW%#!^%!#!# …
    It’s like an orgasm from sound alone O_O;
    … I think I need a cigarette, and I don’t even smoke.

  • Josh Siegel

    As to beatboxing, there’s a sweet one by the propellerheads called “A number of microphones”

    There’s also an easter egg in google translate to beatbox. Choose german and the vocal language, and there is a key for different sounds

    PS What ever happened to Bodie and Julie? Kane and Ally?

  • Mikey D

    Greg Patillo

  • pop
  • Sky

    Digging on that Zect shirt Kane has.