It should come to little surprise to long-time readers that I am a huge fan of Yuko Ota’s work. She was the one who inspired me to pick up a brush and ink traditionally. Her characters and creatures have such wonderful expressions and great personality. Even when she draws them in a static pose, Yuko breathes life into her figures. I especially love the way she draws hands.

She is also one of the most humble-to-the-point-of-self-deprecation I have ever met. It’s adorable and funny to see her hide run and hide while Ananth shows off one of her amazing prints.

You can find more of her work on her Tumblr and of course, you all know about Johnny Wander by now.

  • Aenya Hiri Silverleaf

    Yuko is indeed pretty damn awesome : )

  • Anillak

    I love it when a person I like talks about another person I like :D